Tuesday, June 30, 2009


2010--- election time! I'm not yet registered.registration will be closed probably by October. I'm having this dilemma if I will vote for the coming elections. as of now, I don't like any of the popping names vying for the presidency. so for now, i decided not to register.

My grandma keeps on reminding me to go to the municipal hall to get a voter's ID. i just said "yes" for the sake of saying it. i also remember grandma's line -- "if you'll not vote, the government will not recognize you"-- this statement has good point. Since the government provides its people benefits or whatsoever. BUT I'm looking for HONEST government officials whom I could trust my vote. As what my classmate have said, "a vote would mean a trust". I voted you because I trusted you--that you could be a good model to your people and will be able to implement programs that do not promote corruption in any way. I know, I'm being very unrealistic with this, but is this not what we want?
who want to have a government which is corrupt, inconsiderate and greedy? no one, i guess.

I'm not a PRO or OPP-government. This is just my opinion people. I'm a youth and I expect so much from the government, what it could instore for us in the future.
xoxo. malditacath.


  1. cath thank you!!! kapag sinipag ka pa neh. hhaha. khit nmn sa blog mo c lola pa ung bida!!!

  2. hahahhah! welcome. dapat ba ung 3 blogs mo?

  3. wa. ung 2 pa nyan aaa. hahaha. thanks!!! pti ung iba mong frends pamagcomment mo neh. haha
    daanin mo nlng sa bola! magaling ka nmng mangbola. haha