Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes. i attended. see? it just proves that i'm still a *good* Christian :) though the service team was nearly outnumbered by the participants --BAD NEWS. and i'm GUILTY as charged. i just received a text message from a friend who is also a member of the SFC community where in she did mentioned *good points* regarding the attendance. and i totally agree with her. :) IT'S NOT FOR OURSELVES BUT WE ARE DOING ALL THESE FOR *HIM* SOLELY. im not saying these stuff because i'm ALWAYS complying with the activities but as a CONCERNED member of the community :) I hope all of you guys could attend the *baptism* of the participants this coming sunday :) see you there :)

The CLP ended at around 7pm? it was a bit late. and ate *fishballs* mmm. i was able to eat fishballs, kikiams, squidballs worth twenty pesos. i was not able to eat dinner. GOOD. *diet* haha. :) is this true?? :)) BUT was scolded by grandma-- "mangan naka, enaka nanaman mangan? mantun ka atang sakit mu eh, kayi ekaman magalmusal bukas knyan". :/ yes. these past few days, i'm not eating breakfast before i leave the house for some schoolwork and eventhough i just stay at home, i don't eat my breakfast; brunch instead. so, is this a good practice? OFCOURSE NOT. considering that i'm inclined with a medical course, i should know that this is not good. HARD HEADED eh? *yes* :/ there, i admitted it.

After being scolded, I just sat infront of the laptop and checked my accounts. *as usual--updating* :) and played this game--UNO with keb and shey in FB. we met an aussie player and he was very ethusiastic with our country. i dont know if he was just exaggerating things but i find him kind though. another player was a turkish. i can't forget sherry's question to him--"do you know ylmaz?"; "ylmaz bektas"?. *What's with the question?!* hahahahahaha. sorry shey. :) i can't help but laugh :)) It was a fun game though. :) thanks guys. :)

Off to bed now, first day of class here i come. *eeeerrr*!