Wednesday, June 24, 2009

big HELLO to stress.

it's been two weeks after the classes resume. and we are already bombarded with too many schoolworks-- reportings, thesis, survey for COPAR, school teaching, mother's class, drug study,family case analysis and not to mention the dreaded quizzes of all times. hmp! *eka mate?!*

REPORTINGS. my topic is IMCI and upto now, i don't know how to present it. it's too complicated and broad and i'll be the 4th person to report. 1 down, 2 persons to go. need some help. :'( DRUGS. i have three drugs to report-- chloroquine, DEPO Provera and chloramphenicol.*bahala na*
THESIS. *walang kamatayang thesis!* it will be due on the 2nd week of July i think. extension please :) PLEASE.

SURVEY for COPAR. this is a requirement for our community duty. we need to survey atleast 3000 individuals. just imagine that--3000! we haven't started yet, for God's sake. do you think we could meet our quota? i don't think so. :(

SCHOOL TEACHING. it is also a part of our duty in the community. we are assigned in Pulungbulu. we were given the permission by the school principle to discuss one topic to the students in the public school of the community. Most probably, we will consume 30 minutes for this activity. We've decided to discuss A(H1N1) to 12 sections from different grade levels. 1 student nurse is to 1 class--48 students. can i handle the students?? let's see. this is our first time to discuss a topic individually in a school teaching. to get the attention of our listeners, we've decided to give tokens--PENCIL. :) i also bought 10 pieces of *special tokens* for those students who could answer my questions after my discussion. wish me luck :)

MOTHER'S CLASS. another requirement for duty in the community. we need to invite mothers and will discuss topics to give awareness about health-related topics. this will be held in the health center on the 1st week of July.

FAMILY CASE ANALYSIS. we need to immerse or visit our chosen family in the community for us to accomplish this requirement. Thank God, it is not handwritten :) thank you, ma'am Rachelle :D

QUIZZES. lecture time. pre-test and post test for the Competency Appraisal subject. i hate pre-tests, it gives me the feeling of dumbness. i feel like i don't know anything. NCM104 quizzes. 8 unit-subject. whaaat?! afraid to fail ofcourse. 1st quiz was fine. :) but i don't know for the coming quizzes. haha. haaay!

STRESS--i don't know you.

xoxo. malditacath.

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