Sunday, June 14, 2009

fickle minded.

I cant decide between to stay at home or attend CLP (christian living program) at this very minute.we should be at the venue at 3:00pm and it's nearly three o'clock. c'mon cath. think,think,think. Awhile ago, i was already picking clothes from my closet then i felt i just dont want to attend. CERTIFIED FICKLE-MINDED. i still have a few minutes to decide. it's better to be late than NEVER. :)

For this batch of participants, I just attended once for their CLP. and they're in their 8th talk now i guess. *what a shame*. and considering that it is a service for God... and now, im beginning to convince my self to attend the CLP. 4 hours. 4 hours cath. think!! ---- i cant really decide. seriously. :( i'm still a *good* Christian eh?

ok ok. im off to go now. i've decided. I'LL ATTEND. adios.


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