Saturday, June 13, 2009

first blog ever.

so. im new here in the so called --blogging world. i just decided to make one mainly because of boredom.

first blog ever. atlast after 19 years of existence here on earth, im here to share my life--nursing life, or shall i call them "updates". :) cheesy. YES. haha.

hmm. topic-- random thoughts,can't stick to one though. i'm one of the "disorganized" blogger out there. hahaha. disorganized thoughts. ugh. anyway, im currently addicted to the net right now. i have many social network accounts. facebook, friendster, plurk, myspace, tagged, tweeter and tmblr. i just dont know how i manage to remember the usernames i use, but ofcourse i only use one password :) *blush* what's with the blush?! hahaha. :)) IT refers to my crush way way back in HS. ^^ goodluck to those who would bother to guess who he is because i have a bunch of crushes back in HS. anyway enough of the password thingy. i'll just post a blog about him one of these days. :) gossip.gossip.

NEXT. my WELCOME NOTE here. haha.
*i hope i could update my blog writing my UPDATES. haha. For sure, i will have a busy schedule the following days because of the darn thesis.
* wait. how's a welcome note supposed to be? am i doing the right thing? haha. Here it is..WELCOME to the BLOGWORLD. :) that would do i guess. haha :) xoxo.

PS. it's very obvious that I'm a new blogger AEB(as evidenced by) my first post.

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