Saturday, June 27, 2009


happy. :) i just can't help but smile. so weird! *pero anaka langi* are you like N? hahaha. *im having fun using initials.* such a GG fan. :) i like your credentials. VERY MUCH. :)) i want to talk to you more often. *fingers crossed* :)

anyway, this is the time i want to talk about the PASSWORD thingy. :)

He WAS my HS crush. Period. haha.
Sporty, *kinda* cute (hahaha), taken.
i dont know, why can't i change my password for my accounts. even for my new and recent one, it's the same password i'm using. maybe because i just don't want to be confused of having too many password to remember. that's kinda hard. :)

i cant really share a lot of things about him. he might read this. hahaha. *worried?* hahaha. i find it embarrassing though.

xoxo. malditacath.


  1. hindi cathy, malandi ka lang tlga!! haha

  2. hahahaha. :) mahinhin ako. sobra. di makabasag pinggan :)