Monday, June 29, 2009

UPDATES: Tipsy sunday evening. 3 dreaded quizzes. BEST of friends. introducing my GROUP 8. :)

TIPSY SUNDAY EVENING. after attending CLP, the plan is to eat BBQ then will go to ate joie's house and have a drink of *the bar*. CHANGE of PLANS-- we went to a BBQ house instead and drank RH. haha! :) we went home at around 10pm. AND that was EARLY eh. *agree?* upon arriving at our house, I looked at myself in the mirror and i realized i'm pale! isn't it, a drunk person's face should be red as cherry? *pero ako, namutla* haha. strange! i also received a message from someone i didn't expect. o-la-la-la. guess who. hahaha. :)

3 DREADED QUIZZES. it's monday, i had hangover drama and i took three quizzes. 2 for competency appraisal and 1 for NCM103. i thought i will not pass, but THANK GOD i did! yaaaay for me. :)

BEST of FRIENDS. i had a great time with my friend, G! we went to SM and ate Turk's shawarma. yumyum. :) since our class will be at 1pm pa, we decided not to go home early. haha. considering that we have a quiz tomorrow. haha. enough of the quizzes, im getting sick of it! i helped her find a gift for her friend's birthday--a set of combs. hahaha! :) i told her to go home na because i felt the urge to defecate. eeww. hahahaha! i had a great time G! see you tomorrow! :)

INTRODUCING MY GROUP 8. formerly Group 55 :) no hard feelings people :) this is very subjective ;)

*ARIANNE* -- leader of the group. included in the voodoo clan. ;) patient? can be. haha. intelligent and loves to do pathophysiology of the diseases. *i dont know what patho brings to make her enjoy doing it*

*ATE ZHY* -- loading. haha ^^. very kind. she makes us laugh with her *out of the blue jokes*. she is a PSYCH graduate people :) treasurer of the group and she's good in handling our funds-- keep it up ate zhy. :) pressured by us to have a new bf. haha! just what karen have said, "we're just concern ate zhy" ;)

*ATE JULIE* -- hot mama. having a beautiful face and a figure masks the fact that she has three beautiful children.*hindi talaga halata* grabbed the title of 1st runner up Miss U during her time. ;) MAPOISE. solid. :)

*FAY* -- sensitive one. has a strong faith, studious and obedient. she's afraid of violating rules. ;) law abider.

*KAREN* --chuchay. has a little voice--her attention getter when talking. :) she has a cute voice especially when she sings. ;) she could publish a KAREN's dictionary--words invented by her intentionally or unintentionally. ^^

*CJ* --thinks differently. ^^ she has really *unique* opinions. ne groupmates? haha. CJ syndrome. don't need to elaborate this, she might say-- "nasasaktan din ako". hahahahaha! :) GINGER. GINGER. hahaha.

*GAPS* --straight forward. taga-load ng bayan. :) sometimes she is usually misunderstood because of being straight forward. she says what she thinks. kaya BEWARE. :)

*BUNGS*--another voodoo. twin sister of chuchay. :) smile bungay! wave addict ^^. smart. one of the *pasaways* of the group. A certified GG! :)

*PEARL* --electrifying dancer. very flexible! ;) my partner in crime. she usually laughs so hard and very dear to her friends. A certified GG!

*KURS* --anne curtis of the group. *may bayad yan kuryang!* haha. my partner in crime as well. text addict. NBSB--just like me. BUT has many boylets. :) very talkative and fun to be with. *eya kakawalan sasabyan* ;) zanjoe fanatic! aawayin niya ang nanglait sa pinakamamahal niyang si zanjoe. ^^. a certified GG!

*BRYAN* --only guy. small but small. ^^. very thrifty. *pwede ng magloan sa kanya* hahaha. cry baby? peace bry! :) maasahan naman to eh. :)

*guys, napansin nyo ba, parang positive lahat ne? ganyan ako kabait na kagroup.* ^^.

xoxo. malditacath.

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