Sunday, July 26, 2009

napaka-tagalog. ^^.

it's been weeks after my last post. school stuff is to blame here. ahaha :) school stuff gave us headache for the past few weeks. it also made us hypoglycemic. :( hard candies please. ^^.

thoughts are disorganize again, don't know what to write. magtagalog kaya ako? ma-try nga. :)

Sa nakaraang mga araw, ako'y nawalan ng social life. hindi ako nakakasama sa mga kasiyahan ng aking mga kaibigan dahil sa dami ng ginagawa sa eskwela. alam ko parte ito ng pagiging estudyante lalong-lalo na ako'y nasa ika-apat na taon na ng aking kurso. hindi ko makakaila na nakakadagdag ito ng pressure para sa'min. bawal na ang magbulakbol at baka maudlot pa ang pagmartsa sa marso. :)

pero sa mga nakaraang araw, ako'y nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na magliwaliw. haha! at sinamantala ko tlga, nakakauwi ako halos madaling araw na, buti nalang hindi ako napapagalitan. cguro'y narealize din ng aking lolo at lola na kailangan ko din ang magsaya. hahahaha! ^^. PERO ako'y makukulong nanaman sa pagaaral sa susunod na dalawang linggo! thesis defense na sa august 11. argh! makapasa sana kami Lord. :)

xoxo. malditacath.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to ZERO

have you felt your on the peak of happiness and then suddenly you fell on the hardest ground on earth? that is LIFE.

it's hard to accept and to move on if you fell from the highest peak of your success. it's tantamount to say-- BACK to ZERO again! I salute people who were able to handle such situations in their lives. I thought this scenario could only be seen in soap operas. I was wrong, it really happens. Ofcourse, I don't want to experience such painful events in my life-- but no one can resist FATE. nevertheless, i'm praying for the GOOD and POSITIVE things in my life.

xoxo. malditacath.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I thank God for giving me life. THANK YOU LORD. :)

HE gave me a beautiful family.
He gave me wonderful grandparents, who cared for me and guide me. He gave me responsible and loving parents--that raised me properly. He gave me a brother, whom I can talk to with anything. He gave me awesome aunts and uncles to remind me. He gave me cousins to bond with. recently, He gave us a bouncing baby girl--mielle! i love you my beautiful cousin! :)

He gave me friends I can laugh with.
He gave me wonderful friends that i could talk until we all drop. :) He gave me unsderstanding and supportive friends. He gave me God-fearing friends whom i could get strength. Thank you God. :)

Life is so beautiful.
Treasure every moment of it.

xoxo. malditacath.

Friday, July 10, 2009


He is God-fearing, hardworking, patient, understanding, responsible, loving parent, and the best dad! :) he never failed to show his love and affection to his family. I know Dad that you're doing sacrifices to suffice us a good future and a good life. I appreciate it so much. :) remember that we love you. :) 

enjoy your special day! :)

hope to be with you soon ;)
we miss you. 

xoxo. malditacath.

one down.

YEEES! community is finally over! :)) so happy. 

apology to the past posts. i know i was harsh. i know, i make mistakes. afterall, im only human. :) but i will not promise not to write a post that is not so good. *how many "nots" did i used in that statement?* haha! :) 

realizations were made just to wake us up! never been bonded like this as a group ever. Thank God. :)

xoxo. malditacath.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Due to public demand. here it goes guys! :)

Whoever you are, WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE! If you know that you have an attitude problem, try to change for the BETTER and not for the worst. I may appear as a villain in your life in writing this, but mind you--this is what I--we see regarding your behavior. Yes, you're kind but your inconsiderate, selfish and you try to hurt someone else just to save yourself. *hindi ka ba nahihiya sa sarili mo?* I was informed that you were warned last semester about the same issue also--and now, your going back to your old self once again. Can't you see that we're not talking to you? yes, im guilty of it. it is just because I'm really IRRITATED with your attitude or maybe the *WHOLE you*! You are also being abusive to someone--i don't need to mention her name-- remember, you're the one asking for favors but still you are the one who has the courage to be angry. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE ANGRY! remember that!


negative comments will be highly appreciated.

xoxo. malditacath.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pouring Rain

it's been a long day in school. :( 6 hours of lecture for one subject only. WTH. and our topic?--HEART. how i hated this topic. UGH!

the clouds are crying for now and it's tears dropped to my head, arms, body and shoes! :( *ako'y basang-basa sa ulan* hahaha! :) Raindrops gives me the feeling of loneliness. i just don't know why. *ang sarap magmuni-muni pero nakakainis dahil nakakalungkot* i kinda miss doing the *gandus* thingy. *blush* (*'.'*) it's been awhile ah. i wanna have some fun! :) oooops, not the kind of fun your thinking! ;)

ok, duty again for tomorrow! UGH! I hate you community. REALLY. your making my life miserable and i will make yours miserable too! watch out! Thank God it's our last week! Yeeeehhheeey for us. :D --welcome to ER, ICU and Hemodialysis duty next week! *kinda nervous though*

I love you Turk's shawarma. You're the best! mmmmm. ;)

xoxo. malditacath.

Friday, July 3, 2009

living a hell for a while :((

"I will make your life a living hell, don't dare me!"
"I'll make you realize your NOT worth loving."

These are my recent updates for my FB account. i'm kinda frustrated in everything this past few days especially on my duty days.

FIRST POINT. DO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I (or should i say WE) expect so much from you and PLEASE don't throw the line "you're already 4th year yet you don't know this blah blah" to us! it irritates our ears. really. Discuss things that are important and add information after reporting. i hated it when you said, "hindi naman kayo nagtatanong eh" and there are questions in our quizzes that were not discussed during the reporting! WTH. If you were concerned, you'll add information like what other instructors do. we don't need to ask, they readily add info after the reporting if the reporter failed/missed something. do you get my point?

SECOND POINT. WATCH YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. or it's better to say "DON'T MAKE FACE". everyone hates this habit. so please, avoid making facial expressions. Considering that you're the eldest(?) or you serve as a 'good' model for us. DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED BY US AS *PLASTIC*? think girl!.

THIRD POINT. DON'T BE SUCH A "MAARTE"! we need to accomplish something and yet you yourself showed hesitance in doing our task. yes, it's hot--we can't do anything about the weather so stop being so "maarte". *hindi lang naman ikaw ang naiinitan, lahat ng tao.* As much as possible, we want to meet the deadline of our task, we're very determined actually.

LASTLY. DONT BE SUCH A VOODOO. no need to elaborate this. :)

this is just my OPINION people. can't help but voice it out.
negative reactions or comments will be accepted. :)

xoxo. malditacath.