Friday, July 3, 2009

living a hell for a while :((

"I will make your life a living hell, don't dare me!"
"I'll make you realize your NOT worth loving."

These are my recent updates for my FB account. i'm kinda frustrated in everything this past few days especially on my duty days.

FIRST POINT. DO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I (or should i say WE) expect so much from you and PLEASE don't throw the line "you're already 4th year yet you don't know this blah blah" to us! it irritates our ears. really. Discuss things that are important and add information after reporting. i hated it when you said, "hindi naman kayo nagtatanong eh" and there are questions in our quizzes that were not discussed during the reporting! WTH. If you were concerned, you'll add information like what other instructors do. we don't need to ask, they readily add info after the reporting if the reporter failed/missed something. do you get my point?

SECOND POINT. WATCH YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. or it's better to say "DON'T MAKE FACE". everyone hates this habit. so please, avoid making facial expressions. Considering that you're the eldest(?) or you serve as a 'good' model for us. DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED BY US AS *PLASTIC*? think girl!.

THIRD POINT. DON'T BE SUCH A "MAARTE"! we need to accomplish something and yet you yourself showed hesitance in doing our task. yes, it's hot--we can't do anything about the weather so stop being so "maarte". *hindi lang naman ikaw ang naiinitan, lahat ng tao.* As much as possible, we want to meet the deadline of our task, we're very determined actually.

LASTLY. DONT BE SUCH A VOODOO. no need to elaborate this. :)

this is just my OPINION people. can't help but voice it out.
negative reactions or comments will be accepted. :)

xoxo. malditacath.

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