Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pouring Rain

it's been a long day in school. :( 6 hours of lecture for one subject only. WTH. and our topic?--HEART. how i hated this topic. UGH!

the clouds are crying for now and it's tears dropped to my head, arms, body and shoes! :( *ako'y basang-basa sa ulan* hahaha! :) Raindrops gives me the feeling of loneliness. i just don't know why. *ang sarap magmuni-muni pero nakakainis dahil nakakalungkot* i kinda miss doing the *gandus* thingy. *blush* (*'.'*) it's been awhile ah. i wanna have some fun! :) oooops, not the kind of fun your thinking! ;)

ok, duty again for tomorrow! UGH! I hate you community. REALLY. your making my life miserable and i will make yours miserable too! watch out! Thank God it's our last week! Yeeeehhheeey for us. :D --welcome to ER, ICU and Hemodialysis duty next week! *kinda nervous though*

I love you Turk's shawarma. You're the best! mmmmm. ;)

xoxo. malditacath.

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