Monday, October 26, 2009


it's been months since i wrote my last blog.

these past few weeks were really devastating for my part, my lolo was rushed in the hospital, first in AUFMC then Mt.Carmel and currently in St. Luke's now. he is in CCU and hopefully will be cured and regain his health.I was not ready for this situation because as what the other people have said, he is just doing well and kicking then suddenly he was hospitalized. I'm close to crying when i went to his unit awhile ago. he has tubes and is restrained because he keeps on removing the contraptures. he can't talk because of the ET and i can't bear seeing him trying to talk to us knowing that he can't utter a word.

I just said to him, "Lolo, magpagaling ka ne, just pray always. atyu kami mu ketang luwal, edaka lakwan" then he just keep on nodding. :((

i can't stop my tears while i'm writing this . :'(

guys, please help me pray for the speedy recovery of my dearest lolo. :)

xoxo. malditacath.