Monday, November 30, 2009


holiday! ---YAAAAY! free time to do my leisure activities and this includes sharing my daily activities to my dearest blog. here we go.

new schedule for the 2nd semester -- monday to thursday -duty; fri - lecture NCM 105; saturday - CA class..
how do i feel about this crap sched? TIRING! we have to accomplish requirements for our duty as well as our reportings for our lecture class. PLUS objective type of tests for NCM 105. we student nurses lack sleeps making our eyes look likes racoon's eyes! how pitiful. 

dec.2 - dec 5? = university week! BUT for us, nursing students, it doesn't seems like it is U-week. we'll have our duty and make up class. looks like we're not part of the celebration huh? and we'll miss the opening day! how rude! im excited though with this celebration but after knowing the regular duty and make-up sched, ugh! nevermind!! 
--and this only means i couldn't watch--hmm--whom i want to watch! haha. ;)

speaking of --whom i want to watch -- i got a question for you? "are we friends or not?" ang arte eh. hehe. ;) 

xoxo. malditacath.

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