Tuesday, July 6, 2010


decided to make a post because im totally bored! :|
it hit me like a thunder when i saw you that day. you made a light smile as a form of saying hi, and of course i smiled back! :) i decided to send you a text message and to my surprise you replied, making me kilig that night. haha! anyway, for how many nights we exchanged text messages but after the board exam, what happen? eer. i still want to continue our exchanging of sms of course, ang gwapo mo ba naman eh and may sense kausap. :D 
to my friends, you know him! HAHAHA! :) no need to drop names.:)
but wait, there’s more! :))
a day before the exam, unexpected pictures were taken. pictures of me and (secret) hahaha! :) this is because of my Manager K. :)))) nagkamanager ako bigla! bwahaha! it started with a dream, really! this guy was not a friend of mine, i know him but that’s it and i dont have a clue why i dreamt of him! gahd! haha! :) until we were introduced to each other by common friends. atfirst i was hesitant kasi naman nakakahiya! haha! :) he’s a snob atfirst, very snob i must say, thank you to our common friends that made him loosen up a bit :) and thank you to our managers! HAHAHA! sympre i wont forget our kilig moments, aaay, MY kilig moments lang pala! hehe. pero we had a picture that i like veeeery much. ang galing nung photographer eh. haha! :) i didnt expect this because as i’ve said it just started with a dream!! panaginip nga naman! the bad part of this whole thing is he has someone that is very close to his heart. :| sayang! HAHA!  
*PS. will i add him on my FB account or not? hmm. HAHA! :)

xoxo. malditacath.

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